Star Trek Into Darkness 2013

In Movie Theaters:Friday, May 17, 2013   Nationwide
Director:J.J. Abrams
Produced by:JJ Abrams
Bryan Burk
Robert Orci
Alex Kurtzman
Damon Lindelof
David Ellison
Screenwriter:Roberto Orci
Alex Kurtzman
Damon Lindelof
Cast:Chris Pine | James T. Kirk
Zachary Quinto | Spock
Karl Urban | Bones
Zoe Saldana | Nyota Uhura
Anton Yelchin | Pavel Chekov
Simon Pegg | Scotty
John Cho | Hikaru Sulu
Alice Eve
Benedict Cumberbatch | Villain
Noel Clarke
Peter Weller
Bruce Greenwood | Pike
Benicio Del Toro | Khan (Formerly In Talks)
Edgar Ramirez | Villain (Formerly Rumored)
Jordi Molla | Villain (Formerly Rumored)
Demian Bichir | (Formerly Rumored)
Studio/Distributor:Paramount Pictures | Worldwide
Production Companies:Paramount Pictures
Bad Robot
K/O Paper Products
Skydance Productions

2013 Star Trek Into Darkness
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Star trek trailer, star trek movies, star trek movies download once the team of the Business is known as at home, they find an unbeatable power of fear from within their own company has detonated the navy and everything it appears for, making our globe in a condition of problems.With a individual ranking to negotiate, Leader Kirk brings a manhunt to a war-zone globe to catch a one man tool of huge devastation.As our characters are powered into an impressive mentally stimulating games activity of life and loss of life, really like will be pushed, relationships will be ripped apart, and forfeit must be made for the only close relatives Kirk has left: his team.

The Celebrity Travel series carries on with this follow-up to 2009's J.J. Abrams-directed restart. Abrams profits to immediate from a program by Damon Lindelof and the composing group of Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman. The group of the Business involves in an impressive fight of good compared to wicked after being called home, only to discover Starfleet in remains, and they project into a war area to discover the highly effective rogue accountable for the devastation

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